About us

Our company has a presence in the international market for thirty years and is located in one of the major economic areas of Europe, the north-east Italian.
We create unique pieces of furniture tailored to contractors and individuals.
In the last ten years we have specialized in the production of mirrors of various shapes, sizes and finishes.
The company is expanding to support professionals and contract manufacturers of furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs, shops and residential.
Thanks to our master craftsmen, we are able to provide from a single product to large hotel supplies.
For excellent quality and attention to detail we put all our efforts, offering a unique Made in Italy.
The Studio D’Arte Canale personally realizes its products, following the production of each product at every stage of production, thanks to the use of machinery and modern technology.

From July 2011 comes within the Studio D'Arte Canale, a new artistic division called Starca Design. This new brand was created to give a new identity for some products, distinguishing some from others.

The Starca Design wants to offer a more exclusive market segment, enclosing within it unique products.

Today, having the Studio D'Arte Canale allows you to realize ambitions and ideas in line with the identity of your project and in step with the times.